The Team

Strikerz Inc. is a videogame-creating collective and an international gaming brand launched in 2016 by a handful of people involved with online football. Currently, there are 200+ of us spread over 5 regional offices in various locations across Europe or working from home (yes, we love it too). Strikerz Inc. is the force behind the UFL, the ongoing online football videogame revolution. Being fans, we aim at offering our players an unprecedented gaming experience available on all major platforms.
By using state-of-the-art services and technology stack, we create a game that runs on the cutting edge of the tech. We take our users, their experience and dreams seriously, so we get behind them. No corporate bollocks, the game is made by fans, and we want it to set the bar and live up to the expectations.

The Future

Strikerz Inc. is always growing. So we’re always looking for talented, like-minded people to join our team and help us to grow even more.

If you feel like you share our passion and ambition, or know someone who does, take a look at the openings available and drop us a line. Strikerz Inc. needs you! Let’s create great games together!

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